Your future travel experience is named Balkans!

October 14, 2019 || views

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations!
This is our sentence describing the experience of a tourists visiting Albania. This would be our invitation for 2019-2020, for all of them, who have decided to include Albania or the Balkans in their travels.


We think that Albania is not a secret destination anymore; it is neither a hidden corner in the Western Balkans, like it has been previously described by foreign travelers passing by.
Albania is included in all big tourism agencies around the globe, including USA and Japan. It is recommended due to its mesmerizing beaches, wild outdoors, unexpected cultural heritage, traces of civilization dating back with the ancient Romans and the Greeks, an assorted cuisine with exceptional tastes, lively capital city life, vigorous constant changes, and other characteristics that stand out. It has become thus a magnet that attracts tourists in the Balkan area.


Maybe In Albania you will not find the classical European destination, with beautiful squares or tall cathedrals and museums, which are beautiful and display rare value, but still make each city look relatively similar to the other.

Albania is unique because it doesn’t have any of the grandeur of other European cities.
You won’t find any luxury, but you will certainly find an unmatched hospitality, honest people, happy children, varicolored costumes that reflect the soul of a small nation, good and healthy food, monumental peaks and translucent beaches, and you will meet people on the way that you will remember for a long time to come.



And if you are discovering the Balkans, Albania is the right starting point. From Albania you can reach Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece and other places in the Peninsula.

Enjoy the year ahead, take heed of our recommendation, and you will surely rejoice with the beautiful colors of the Balkans, and the Albanian flavor!