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By Beqir SINA – New York

Angelina Nika, the acclaimed Folk Dances Maestro, on the front page of the reputable magazine and influential blog of Albania’s tourism, Travel to Albania and Balkans (Albanian-English) with administrator and creator Flora Xhemani Baba. Travel Agent in US – Adriatic Tours – Adriatic Tours LLC, West Hartford, Connecticut – an excellent endeavor to promote Albanian tourism through icons of diaspora

DURRES HARTFORD A leading magazine and influential blog for tourism in Albania Travel to Albania and Balkans (Albanian-English) tenders with professionalism to place Albania, Kosovo and the beautiful Albanian regions of the Balkans on the world map of tourism.

Its creator and administrator is Flora Xhemani Baba

The attractive cover of the latest issue of the magazine features a portrait of the artist “great masters’ the acclaimed folk choreographer Angelina Nika of New York against the backdrop of the Durres Adriatik Hotel, a chic tourist spot, which she visited last summer.

This gem of the Adriatic was where Ms. Florinda Kajtazi, crowned Miss New York USA 2019 and awarded Miss Photogenic, vacationed for a few days. The photo of the Folk Dance Maestro Angelina Nika at the luxurious Adriatik Hotel exemplifies an outstanding undertaking, according to the US travel agent of Adriatik Tours – Adriatik Tours LLC West Hartford, Connecticut, of promoting Albanian tourism through the “icons of diaspora”. Read more at – the highly ranked magazine and blog – most visited in Albania, Kosovo and Albanian regions “Travel to Albania & Balkans” as reported by Bota Sot.

The professional blog and publication refines the point further: “Around here, autumn is as active as summer. Many of the projects and activities take place successively and charge forward intensely. One example is the new issue of Travel that features a special guest, the famed choreographer of Albanian folk dance, who has nurtured generations of diaspora in America with love for the homeland traditions and to hold on to their roots : “Travel to Albania & Balkans”

The most prestigious Albanian blog for the country’s tourism industry extends a thanking note: “We wish to give warm thanks to Adriatik Tours and Adriatik Hotel for our meeting with Angelina during her vacation at the Adriatik Hotel in Durres. In our fifteen year experience with promoting tourism all around administrative Albania, we should not forget the Albania that lives outside its borders. Thank you Angelina! Thank you Adriatik!” “Travel to Albania and Balkans” reported by Bota Sot.

Travel to Albanian and Balkans

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