“The Women in Tourism” Conefrence is a symbol of hope in Albania

April 25, 2024 || views
From Ilona Miklos – We love Saranda
The Women in Tourism conference #Konferenca #zonjatetourismit, what was hold in Golem 19-21 April 2024, is a symbol of hope in Albania.
No doubt that Covid opened a new era in the Albanian tourism. Since then a large number of new and returning visitors blew up the statistics.
In these fast-changing times, heroes who think, persevere and solve all problems are especially important. Heroes and heroines, because women are like that.
They are looking for solutions in everyday life at the same time as searching for a balance between their family and their own dreams.
Flora Xhemani Baba and Flora Nikolla gave joy and spiritual upliftment to the ladies who are already planning the future sceens.
Issues of
such as the coordination of services based on different special needs were formulated as a priority in Albanian tourism in Golem.
From conference and experience tourism that supports year-round utilization, to beauty Beba Cosmetic and dental tourism @albadent , from textile Joni Braho Handmadebylovelove
and metal crafts to olive Subashi Olive Oil Shop , chocolate Dhurata Thanasi Daneri and agrotourism of various landscapes Diella Loshi Anila Kokomani to the offer of holiday resorts that serve the needs of the masses Elite Travel Agency , there are many untapped opportunities that can be greatly helped by a positive assessment and reinterpretation of Albania in various ways in domestic and foreign media Newsbomb.albania .
In addition to panel discussions, fashion and book presentations Antoneta Nushi , olive oil and wine tasting Kantina DUKA Cenko Sommelier Entela were also available.
Albanian Riviera as beautiful spot and destination going to face challenges as well. Ladies behind Hotel-Orange-Dhërmi Valta Hotel Kraal Hotel Hotel “Kanione”
Shared the success of the regio and their businesses.
The issue of emigration and replenishment is also a hot topic, since skilled labor has added value everywhere, but in the private sector, they cannot devote much time to training young people.
The mission of the organizers is for people and women to be able and willing to stand up for each other, so that solidarity and compassion become a social norm for those working in tourism.
In addition to enjoying the four-star comfort of the Diamma Resort Conference & Spa we had an elegant gala dinner in the contemporary AVRA Restaurant of the Harmonia Hotels Group ended up with the taste of family traditions of Hani i Çetës in #Kavaja
The final program of the event was an introduction of the personal journey book , about a woman’s life with its many challenges and lessons, saying that life cannot be played like in the theater, this life can only be lived once without trying. Remains that at the end (self) Love is answer to the life.
For those who came, believe that ordinary heroes are ordinary people who can and want to act for others, because they believe that they have an impact on their environment and know how to overcome those obstacles.
Faleminderit to Flora Xhemani Baba and Flora Nikolla to open the eyes and taking the first step together .