Përmet, real love that goes through heart, stomach, eyes and mind

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“Beside the sea, we have everything else”! This is the slogan of Përmet, it is found at the entrance of the city, just past the bridge near the wonderful garden of the country, one of the few in Albania remained intact and beautiful to visit.

If we talk about tourism, Përmet remains one of the Albanian pearls still virgin and untouched by the big building abuses that have affected the country. When we talk about this town we talk about the Vjosa and its valley, its mountains, its churches, its history, its characters, its gastronomy and its past. The Vjosa valley, in fact, has become synonymous with ecosystems and uncontaminated nature, in its “young” section it involves two municipalities, that of Përmet and Këlcyrë for a total of about 39,000 inhabitants and 906 km2 where naturalistic beauties reign supreme.



The territory, renowned for its excellent food and wine that now attract thousands of Albanian tourists and not only, offers multiple attractions. First and foremost we have the Slow Food Përmet Convivium which counts more than 80 members, one Presidium (Gliko) and members of the Albanian Cooks Alliance.
Not long ago, one of the many activities in Gjirokastër took place, where Slow Food presented, in collaboration with CESVI and FAO, a tasting of typical products of the region and traditional dishes to valorize the local specialties and the “Arca del Gusto”, a national database containing all the recipes and traditional products of Albania and where our region offers one of the widest varieties in the country. You can follow the Convivium Slow Food Përmet on social media and on Youtube.


What to do in Përmet?

Leaving the gastronomy, let’s move on to anything else that the area offers: hiking, climbing, camping, biking, jeep tours, horse riding, excursions to characteristic villages and above all rafting. By now Përmet has become a nationally recognized destination for this type of sport and outdoor activities guaranteeing a constant growth of the presence of both local and foreign tourists. There are not only the thermal Waters of Bënjë and the National Park of Bredhi i Hotovës Dangëlli to be sovereigns, but a whole series of activities that have made the valley an attraction for all types of tourists.

Rafting in Vjosa waters

Thanks to the tour operator “Vjosa Explorer”, an agency founded two years ago and a member of the “Pro Përmet” Consortium, it guarantees, in collaboration with local businesses, excellent services in the area. Vjosa Explorer gathers a group of 15 young people who have been promoting tourism for years. They are certified local guides for different activities and well motivated, who have decided to make a different choice from emigration and to develop their own land.
Thanks to this group, today Vjosa Explorer boasts an impeccable cv and is becoming the reference agency of the territory also thanks to various development and promotion projects implemented with different donors. Among the tourist offers, rafting is certainly the queen thanks to the Vjosa which offers the possibility of unique excursions on the last wild river of Europe.
Unlike the prevalentopinion, rafting is a sport for everyone and full of emotion in close contact with nature, ideal not only for young people and not only, and above all healthy. Thanks to the fellows of Vjosa Explorer it is possible to book various day trips according to the packages offered and to do rafting descents on two types of routes depending on the season and the river level. The descents, with certified guides from IRF (International Rafting Federation) and WRF (World Rafting Federation), include transport, equipment, stops, snacks, photos and videos as well as variations and cusotimzed packages according to the client.


Thanks to the presence and rooting in the territory, prices are advantageous, hours are flexible and service is excellent according to the needs and preferences of customers. Vjosa Explorer also offers mountain bike rental, customized tours and various types of excursions throughout the Përmet district.
If you want everything apart from the sea, visit us in Përmet where you will surely find relaxation, sport, adventure and a warm welcome. We are waiting for you!



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