Balkan Vino and Food Fair – the diverse taste of life!

April 20, 2022 || views

The operators of the most predominant industry in the Balkans have now an annual meeting point, Balkan Vino & Food, an event created particularly to foster the coope ration, experience exchanging and sharing of new technologies. Balkan Vino & Food will come as an exhibition that will bring together the Balkans food industry corporations, SME’s , local farmers , agritourism enterprises, and state authorities whilst providing the opportunity to cooperate between regional markets and expand internationally.

We are honored to invite you to participate in the Balkan Vino & Food trade show, which will take place at the “Mother Thjeresa” Square in Tirana, Albania, between 1st June 2022 and 4th June


This exhibition is an excellent opportunity for vendors in your industry to showcase their latest offers, create new partnerships and expand into new markets. More than 25,000 people attend the show every year, giving participants overwhelming exposure


The Balkans are home to unique and outstanding wines and extensively cultivated vineyards. It is no coincidence that wine tourism has surged in recent years. The Balkans are becoming familiar with the global stage, home to highly skilled winemakers with exceptional local grape varieties.

In Albania, distinctly local grape varieties include Shesh i Bardhë, Debin e Zezë and Kallmet; in Kosovo, the Region of Rahovec is one of the most prolific. In Serbia, the grape variety called Prokupac makes deep pink rosés with a strawberry-like taste.

On the other hand, Northern Macedonia has a lighter style from the indigenous array of Stanusina; Bosnia & Herzegovina have particular grape varieties such as Zilavka, and in Montenegro, Plantaze is one of the largest vineyards in Europe.

More than 17,000 farmers cultivate vineyards in Albania and over 10,000ha in the national territory. It is time now for wine producers to be recognized internationally. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity for European and international brands and cellars to invest in the welcoming climate of the Balkans. Balkan Vino and Food Fair will celebrate and encourage sales of wines from across the region.

During our 30+ events, we have demonstrated that our region is home to some of the finest wines. In the meantime, as part of the Open Balkan network, the wine producers will establish closer cooperation with one another. Therefore, we want to pursue this idea to turn the region into a wine tourism destination and support agricultural producers and wine producers to promote their products


The Balkan cuisine is well-known for its diversity. Competitions between different sub-regional chefs will be asked to demonstrate different Balkan cuisines and cooking tools.


Authentic spirits are processed in an artisan way, applying the techniques of the ancient farmers, even with primitive equipment that makes taste unique.


The exhibition will provide knowledge exchanges through different stakeholders that are involved in the sustainable tourism industry, such as the agritourism business models used throughout the Balkans.


Local heritage is an essential piece of human identity, and a society’s active engagement with heritage is one sign of a dynamic and evolving culture. Many things have changed in the past decades, but the artisans who represent the backbone of the Balkan are still at work. Their hands are protecting centuries of history and cultural heritage by turning skills into beautiful artisanal products.


Ancient equipment, kitchen accessories, and old recipes books preserved with care from private  collectors or local entities will be exhibited through demonstrations and shows.