Agritourism “Tree of Life” – Pema e Jetës – we bring you closer to nature!

November 6, 2019 || views

The “Tree of Life” farm is located on a hill near the village Shkallnur, at the outskirts of Durres-Ndroq-Tiranë. It is easily reachable from Durrës, as well as from Tirana. It offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Durrës and the horizon, which unfolds 360 grades view. We offer you a relaxing, quiet and spiritualy pleasurable environment in the middle of our green fields. In our farm you will find all types of vegetables and fruits that can be grown on the Mediterranean region, as well as other varieties outside the Mediterranean.


We will amaze you with our different varieties of peaches named “platikarpa”, with a particular taste and rich in flavor, as well as “Nashi”, of Asian origin, full o juice and scent. We also have many types of forest berries such as “Uva spina” and Ribes, different varieties of Olives, some of them for oil nad others for table consume, nuts, almonds, season vegetables in our fields, as well as in greenhouse. Everything cultivated by us. Also our pride and joy is the vineyard with over 3000 vines partly authoctonus from Albania, as well as Italiant selections of grapesfor our wine and the Albanian Raki.


In out farm we supply our restaurant with fresh vegetables and meat, in particular our Jersez Cows, our sheep, our goats and pigs. In the forest near of our stables we have our wild pigs (boars) whoos meat will be offered in the future in the restaurant. Other farm animals such as chickens, ducks, and gooses, enrich our garden as well as add flavor and natural delicacy to our dishes. Come to feel the puls of life at our natural Farm!


Made in Albania: “Pema e Jetës”, vendi që ju sjell më pranë natyrës

Why is called “Tree of Life?

This question comes naturally in mind out of curiosity for our name. We named our agritourism “Tree of Life” because we are the only farm in Albania where the fruit of GOJI can be found. This name comes from the Latin language and was first discovered in China. Goji is rich in vitamin C as well as fibers and proteins and also it is low in fat. It also fights harmful fats in our body. The fruit is also rich in antioxidants, that`s the reason is not recommended more than 15 gr per day each person.


Shkallnur, Durrës, Albania; Tel: +355 68 90 53 000

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