Gloria, the “belle epoque” of Tirana, within a restaurant – hotel

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Armida Plumbi

Despite old homes awaiting former glory or their transformation into multi-storey mansions, there are those who for years have resisted the temptation to build palaces in their property for more income. Gloria, once a small jewel in the cacophony of “Qemal Stafa” street, is now a natural part of the New Bazaar

Located in the heart of Tirana, with a strategic location, welcomes you the Hotel Bar Restaurant Pizzeria Gloria built two decades ago. Despite old homes awaiting former glory or their transformation into multi-storey mansions, there are those who for years have resisted the temptation to build palaces in their property for more income. Gloria, once a small jewel in the cacophony of “Qemal Stafa” street, is now a natural part of the New Bazaar Ensemble.

With a staff of highly experienced professionals who treat every detail, beautiful setting, culinary in the most refined form and unique taste, tranquility and quality, every customer has the opportunity to enjoy the impeccable service at “Gloria” if they decide to stay in this hotel or enjoy a lunch.
Since its inception and in progress, Gloria’s staff has been guided by the desires and demands of clients, as a philosophy to provide quality service.
Rated 9.7 out of 10 by Booking and in TripAdvisor is rated 5 (Excellent), especially for its location, cleanliness, service and quality.

But how did this business come about?

In 1997 the three brothers from Laç, Agroni, Fatosi and Iliri, who had emigrated to Italy, returned to invest in Albania by opening a joint venture in the area of the former Youth Park in Tirana, under the logo of Pizza Bar Restaurant Gloria. That is why this business is called Gloria, precisely the connection the three brothers have with Italy and Italian culture.
This was an important venture, especially for Albania in the early 90’s, where there were not many prestigious restaurants. At the same time this business required a great deal of commitment. Here began the journey to success for Gloria Restaurant, guided by the determination, commitment, and hard work of the three Doda brothers.

With the demolition and restoration of the park, Restaurant Gloria changed its destination in 2001 by moving to a villa on Qemal Stafa Street, near New Bazaar, where it still stands today. Initially the bar, restaurant and pizza service was offered and after the second reconstruction in 2015, it was renamed Hotel Boutique Gloria, thus offering the hotel catering service. The building where this hotel is located today is owned by the well-known Stërmas family of Tirana.
Actually an active part of the staff is one of the brothers, Agroni, who welcomes every customer with kindness and unparalleled hospitality. Also worth noting is one of the restaurant’s most loyal employees, Gazi, (the head waiter) who along with Agron have become the image of “Gloria”.

Pizza – Restaurant
For guests but also for those who are staying at the hotel, bar service is provided, in a very pleasant environment and atmosphere, where you can enjoy a tea or a coffee.
Fatos tells us that Italian and Mediterranean cuisine has always been prominent in the restaurant, slightly intertwined with Albanian cuisine.
What distinguishes this restaurant from many others in Tirana is the quality and rich menu. But especially the abundant, fresh and individualized breakfast that stands out to foreign customers who express favorably in their comments on Booking. What is most surprising is the fact that the same quality has been maintained over the years, thanks to the persistence and good management of Gloria’s owners. Believe me, the chefs will fascinate you with a mix of Mediterranean delicacies and Italian specialties, with elegant decor and a lot of subtlety.


In this restaurant you have the opportunity to enjoy unique dishes such as starters, different soups, pizza, salads, meat and fish specialties, pastries, sweets etc.
The restaurant is located on the top floor of the hotel and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is open daily to hotel guests, but also to other customers who wish to have lunch or dinner in the company of their loved ones.
Unlike other bars and restaurants, where loud music is often annoying, the light, instrumental music at “Gloria” – this is Fatos’ choice because he has studied music – is one of the great pleasures of all customers, old and young customers alike.

The hotel
With the change of time and the expansion of the new premises of the building, the brothers saw the need to increase the services, including catering. Nowadays every new accommodation structure added to the Albanian tourism sector is being built from the beginning with absolute tourist standards. Such is the case with Hotel Boutique Gloria.
What stands out as soon as you enter the lobby is the classic, warm-colored style of design. The hotel has several rooms: single room, twin room, twin-double room, king size room and suites. It is rated four stars but we can say without fear that the hospitality and professionalism of the staff is well worth more.

The best classically furnished rooms with high quality beds and furnishings provide comfort and tranquility. Breakfast is included in every stay at the hotel.
Fatos tells us that the hotel’s clientele is 90% foreign, where it is mostly frequented by officials in the winter (October-March) and tourists head in April – September.

When we ask Fatos what the strength of this twenty-year venture is, he tells us that it is good management and continuous and uninterrupted commitment to serve the hotel and restaurant. This is precisely why it has maintained its clientele over the years, who have never been disappointed with service and quality.
It seems as if nothing can challenge Fatos, as he tells us that his biggest challenge is not competition, nor expansion and capacity of the building, as is usually the case in business but a daily commitment to always maintaining the same quality and service. It is not easy but they have succeeded.

Where is located?
ILocated only 25 minutes away from “Mother Teresa” Airport, Rinas – Tirana, just 5 minutes away from Skanderbeg Square, with a lounge restaurant, 24/7 private parking, safes, free satellite channels with TV, all air-conditioned rooms and spaces, available Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, Hotel Gloria welcomes you and provides you with a pleasant and unforgettable stay. An oasis of tranquility in the heart of the capital!

Rruga “Qemal Stafa”, Tiranë, AL
Reception: +355 (0) 422 200 36; +355 69 52 40 707
Food Delivery: +355 42 24 77 31; 042 22 26 98
Mob: +355 68 20 46 105
[email protected]; [email protected]

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