10 reasons to visit Kosova during 365 days!

November 11, 2022 || views

What are some of the places you should visit in Kosovo?!

Below we bring you the list of some of the most visited tourist places in Kosovo

Prizren Castle is a cultural heritage monument located in the city of Prizren, Kosovo
Prizren Castle is considered the symbol of the city of Prizren and an important element in the cultural identity of Kosovo. Prizren Castle is built on a high hill, in a picturesque environment and in an extremely strategic position, the Castle rises above the city of Prizren as well as over the deep valley of Lumëbardhi and the plain of Dukagjin.


Novobërda Castle or Artana Castle is ranked as one of the most important historical localities of Kosovo, located in the town of Artana in the eastern part of Kosovo. Novobërda Castle dates back to the 14th century. This is proven by archaeological finds and documents. Due to the natural beauty that characterizes it and the historical value it has, Novobërda Castle is attracting many visitors.


Brezovica is among the most visited winter tourist locations in Kosovo, located in the municipality of Shtërpce, and offers a ridge line that includes 39,000 hectares of alpine mountain terrain and forests, with a very diverse and abundant flora and fauna. The skiing center “Brezovica” is open for skiing lovers during all seasons of the year, where in summer, the surface covered with snow decreases but still leaves the possibility of use for other activities.


Gjeravica with an altitude of about 2,656 m is the highest peak in the Albanian Alps (Bjeshke and Nemuna) in the Kosovo part. This mountain peak is located in the west of Kosovo, namely in the Bjeshke i Nemuna ranges that share the state border of the municipality of Deçan with Albania, and is one of the most visited tourist attractions by climbers from different countries.


Red Lake. It is called Lake Kuqishte because it is located above the village of Kuqishte. It is a mountain lake which is located in Malin e Leqinati in Bjeshke and Nemuna which lie in the western part of Kosovo. This lake is known throughout Kosovo and is visited by locals as well as mountaineers who climb to the top of such mountains.


Mount Zhlebit is a large mountain in western Kosovo and the Municipality of Rozhaj. Eastern Montenegro is part of Bjeshke i Nemuna, located between Hajla and Mokra mountains. Almost the entire mountain is in the territory of Kosovo where the White Drini River originates from this mountain.
Its highest peak is called Ruselia (Albanian: Ruselia / Rusulije) and is 2,382 m high, while the lowest is simply called Zhleb, with 2,365 m. These parts are covered with rich forests and there are meadows near the top.


The Gadima Cave is located in the village of Gadime near Lipjan, Kosovo, it is 1500 meters long, but for tourists it is possible to explore only the first 1300 meters of the cave, since the passages are still not possible for the rest of the cave. Gadime Cave is known as one of the natural beauties of Kosovo. Inside the cave there are also other natural phenomena such as the lake, whose size is 15 to 25 meters and various rare crystals that are not found in any other cave in the world.


The waterfalls of Mirusha are part of a park of special natural, scientific, cultural and touristic importance in Kosovo. According to the IUCN, the area belongs to the “Protected Landscape” category, while the course of the Mirusha River belongs to the “Natural Monument” category. This rare natural beauty found in our country, along its course, passes through a gorge known as the Mirusha River Canyon, and here it creates 12 waterfalls and 16 lakes that present a rare morpho-hydrological phenomenon.


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