10 best alpine resorts in the Balkans for a great 2024!

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Step into a winter wonderland nestled within the top Balkans’ stunning! Embrace the magic of the snowy season as these picturesque destinations invite you to experience an unforgettable winter escapade. Whether you seek thrilling ski slopes, serene mountain hideaways, or cozy retreats with mesmerizing views, these ten resorts promise an enchanting haven for your winter adventures. Join us in embracing the beauty of the snow-laden landscapes and indulge in a winter experience that will create cherished memories to last a lifetime.
Nestled amid the breathtaking landscapes of the Balkans, the top ten alpine resorts offer an unparalleled blend of natural beauty, exhilarating adventures, and warm hospitality. From the rugged terrains of Kosova to the tranquility of Razma and Theth in Albania, to the modern comforts and hospitality of Kolashin, in Montenegro, Popova Shapka in North Macedonia, or the adventures of Dajti and Tomorri mountains in Central and South Albania, each destination beckons with its unique charm.

Let’s delve into detailed descriptions of these extraordinary alpine retreats, showcasing their distinct features and offerings.

Arxhena Mountain Resort, on the top of mountain and recreational holidays

Nestled in the serene setting of Brod, a small beautiful village in Kosovo’s Dragash municipality, lies the enchanting Arxhena Resort. This picturesque mountain retreat and recreative, offers a harmonious blend of modern comfort and traditional allure. The resort boasts a collection of cozy rooms that afford stunning vistas of the majestic Sharri mountains, providing guests with a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere. Each room is designed to exude warmth and coziness, ensuring a relaxing stay amidst the natural beauty of the region. A unique opportunity to experience a harmonious blend of modern comfort and traditional charm nestled in the breathtaking Sharri mountains. Booking Arxhena Resort means immersing yourself in a complete experience, embracing nature, culture, and relaxation in a serene mountainous setting, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling getaway.


Arxhena Mountain & Ski Resort, Brod, Kosovë

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Bianca Resort & Spa Kolashin – Embrace serenity in style!

The Bianca Resort & Spa stands as an epitome of luxury nestled within 25 acres of pristine pine forest, offering guests a breathtaking panoramic view of the majestic mountain Bjelasica. The opulent ambiance is evident from the moment you arrive, with every room and public area meticulously designed to provide a serene vista of the pine-clad landscape and the awe-inspiring mountain range.

As you step into the resort, an elegant elevator effortlessly transports guests to various levels of this grand establishment. For added security and convenience, a meticulously guarded parking area ensures the safety of visitors’ vehicles.

With a focus on facilitating business gatherings, the resort boasts a state-of-the-art conference center and meeting facilities equipped to cater to professional events of various sizes and natures. Complementing the professional amenities, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the premises ensures guests remain seamlessly connected.

Bianca Resort & SPA, Kolashin, Montenegro

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Kulla e Bajraktarit, a world of its own

“Location, on the way to Theth, an outstanding work of art in accommodation and hospitality. Amazing newly built hotel it`s a joy to stay and wonder on the beautiful views to the surrounding Accursed Mountains.

The hotel was proudly built in 2021, with its Alpine architecture respecting the area’s beauty. Beautifully styled, the 29 rooms are organized between 4 family rooms, 19 standard rooms, and 6 suites. A soft flavor of local elements reminds you that we are in Albania, bringing you closer to the local culture. However, the hotel’s interior conveys splendor and class, representing owners vision’s potential. The rooms have a plus of luxury and high-level cleanliness. We want you to enjoy everything our nature offers by treating you with luxury details.

Peace is a rare treasure these days. We hope you fully enjoy the peace and rejuvenating natural resources of the country.

The resort is situated in Bogë, Malësi e Madhe. Look around you! You are located in the Albanian Alps (Dinaric Alps). Until today this area has been a bit hidden and unknown. Actually, looks like we’ve saved a little for the most special visitor! Today, thanks to the ongoing improvement of the infrastructure we can show proudly our wonderful country to tourists from Albania and all over the world!


Kulla e Bajraktarit Agroturizem & Spa, Bogë, Albania

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Natyral Razma Resort, a castle of fairies in the heart of the Alps

Natural Razma Resort is a special destination located in the heart of the Albanian Alps, about 40 km from the city of Shkodra, in Razëm, widely known as the place where wealthy inhabitants of Shkoder used to spend their summer and where there were holiday homes even during the communist regime, for the elite of society.

It represents a harmonious blend between amazing nature and atmosphere inspired by Albanian culture and history. A typical mixture where the Alps, the Legendary Epos of the Highlanders, the Albanian Fairy Tales and the aristocratic civic spirit are interwoven. An elite mountain resort of stunning natural beauty with a unique concept of rest, rejuvenation and entertainment.

Due to its position at this strategic point, it offers a wonderful perspective to enjoy the views of the Alps, enabling a unique experience of the tranquility of nature. With a perfect proximity to other popular destinations such as Thethi, Vermoshi, Lake Shkodra and the Adriatic Sea (Velipoja), visitors have the opportunity to explore and get to know deeply the beauty and culture of this part of Albania.

Natyral Razma Resort & Spa, Razem, Albania

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Hotel Thethi, relax with charm in the heart of the Alps!

The area of Theth in the natural park “The Albanian Alps” is a natural and cultural treasure, which has constantly aroused interest and desire to visit it, even from prominent travelers, leaving everyone speechless for the outstanding beauty and epic landscapes. Been “forbidden” for a long time during winter, due to a missing infrastructure, this high-level destination is finally year-round and many operators are preparing for an increase in hosting capacities, simultaneously increased the standard of accommodation.

Hotel Thethi enters the scene precisely to bring a new light to this wonderful destination. This new hotel that has just opened its doors, adding a variety of accommodation types in the area, is a beautiful combination of modern charm and the traditional nuances of the area to create an exceptional ambience and a new experience for tourists.

One of the strong points of Thethi Hotel is the focus on the authentic and diverse experience for visitors, offering for several decades already one of the most successful models in terms of sustainable tourism, with Hotel “Tradita Gegë & Toskë”. With classy decorated rooms, where the taste of tradition comes in such a refined and elegant shape, Thethi Hotel is definitely another heritage gem, nestled in the crown of the Albanian Alps.

Thethi Hotel & Spa, Theth, Shkodër, Albania

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Vila Oxygen, where tranquility meets nature`s breath

Vila Oxygen, nestled in the heart of Kuqishte within the breathtaking National Park of Peja in Kosovo, stands as a sanctuary amidst nature’s splendor. Comprising eight charming wooden villas, this resort invites you to embrace tranquility while surrounded by awe-inspiring vistas.

Vila Oxygen isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience – a haven where comfort, natural beauty, and adventure converge to create cherished memories. It beckons travelers seeking solace and serenity, promising an escape from the ordinary and an immersion into the extraordinary landscapes of the National Park of Peja in Kosovo.

Vila Oxygen, Kuqishtë, Rugovë

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Perla e Tomorrit, destination and emotion!

Perla e Tomorrit is an exclusive resort located on the magnificent peak of the holy mountain of Tomorri in Albania, at an altitude of 2417 m above sea level. This resort is an oasis of beauty and pleasure, which offers an exceptional experience to its visitors. What makes this resort special is not simply the nature of the service it offers, but the place where it is located. Being in the heart of the Tomorri Mountain National Park, the Pearl of Tomorri has the merit of opening a new destination for winter tourism, such as the Tomorri National Park, which until last year was accessible only for adventure tourism.

Therefore for this reason as well, Perla e Tomorrit was rated as the Best Alpine Resort for 2023 by Albanian Excellence and Travel Magazine in the first edition of Tourism Grand Excellence.

Perla e Tomorrit, Parku Kombëtar “Mali i Tomorrit, Skrapar, Albania

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The Deer” Llogora Tourist Village, welcome to the heart of nature!

Welcome to Llogora Tourist Village, a premier hotel nestled in the heart of Llogora National Park in Albania. Our hotel offers comfortable and modern accommodation options that provide a peaceful retreat surrounded by stunning forest views.

Llogora Tourist Village is an ideal destination for those seeking an escape into nature. The park offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking and exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the forest. After a day of adventure, unwind and relax in our swimming pool or enjoy a drink at our on-site bar. Our restaurant serves authentic Albanian cuisine, as well as a variety of international dishes, providing a delicious dining experience for all guests.

Te Dreri, Parku Kombetar Llogora, Vlorë, Albania

Our hotel offers a variety of accommodation options, including Two Bedroom Suites, Two Bedroom Bungalows, and Deluxe Double Rooms. Each of our rooms is equipped with modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Whether you are traveling with family or friends, Llogora Tourist Village provides a serene environment that allows you to recharge and rejuvenate. Book your reservation now and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that Llogora National Park has to offer.

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Hotel Scardus, Kodra e Diellit, – Let`s celebrate life!

Hotel Scardus is located in the most beautiful part of Sharr Mountain, only 18 km from the city of Tetovo. The hotel is the ideal place to pass an adventure, holidays, family holidays, groups and corporate programs, business events, as well as an ideal place for those who adore nature and tranquility. It offers a relaxing and wonderful panorama of idyllic winter and all seasons. 4-star luxury hotel gives you high quality services offering a capacity of 140 beds organized in standard rooms, suites and VIP Apartments. Hotel SCARDUS also organizes tours with snow groomer for its costumers. You can check tours in socials and web page. These tours are organized by SHARR OUTDOR.

The restaurant offers national and international cuisine (A la carte & buffet), accompanied by a good quality wine list. Our restaurant it is also an ideal environment for organizing private parties and events of any kind. Enjoy delicious dishes, cocktails and deserts on the Scardus terrace with a relaxing and panoramic view of the Sharri mountains.

Scardus Hotel, Kodra e Diellit, North Macedonia

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Discover Dajti Ekspres and enjoy Tirana!

Nestled atop the scenic Mount Dajti in Tirana, Albania, lies an enchanting tourist resort – Dajti Ekspres. Here, amidst breathtaking vistas, a fusion of natural beauty and leisure awaits. Delight in the charm of a traditional restaurant, savoring authentic flavors while overlooking stunning panoramas. Engage in lively rounds of minigolf amid the tranquil mountain setting.
Take the cable car to (almost) the top of Dajti Mountain and enjoy the fantastic views. The longest cableway in the Balkans at 4.7 kilometres, the 15 minute scenic journey takes visitors over forest, farms, hilltops and even bunkers!

Dajti Ekspres & Cable Car, Tirane, Albania

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