Through the endless savannas of Vjosa river….

January 12, 2020 || views

By Flora Xhemani Baba

The space in front of you seems to have no horizon. The dense pine forest makes you feel drunk of flavor. The turquoise coastlines of Vjosa river leaves you breathless. The endless “savanna”, whether you are in the middle of Africa. The blue sea and the clear sky touch your soul in the most special depth. These 15 kilometers of magic route can be traversed in many different ways, according to what do you like more. It is not more than five hours of walking, or alternately with horses for more sensation and indescribable beauty, which only the horseriding gives. But if you want more adrenaline, you can travel it with 4×4 engines, cars or even higher, which would give more colours to your trip, turning it into a real safari. No detail of nature will remain in shadow, giving the maximum of pleasure to this journey.
This route starts from the north exit of the village Dëllënjë, output that is connected directly with the endless pine forest. Along the wide path where dense move the fishermen, in a few minutes you will find yourself along Vjosa edge, which at this point gradually expands to the estuary and is a bit like the Nile river. The path along Vjosa, is filled with the characteristic flora of the wetlands, mixed with the pine forests and sometimes the high grass, making it seem like a real savannah.
This area has been not allowed for the villagers, because that was the hunting reserve where pheasants were cultivated and where Mehmet Shehu, one of the former top exponents of the communist leadership, came often to hunt. But it was also the border area where today still remain bunkers balls, as a witness of communist period.
We are almost near of the delta of Vjosa, where the place is expanded and somewhere here and there one may see pine trees, where the fishermen has built some simple shelters to spend the night. It is also the ideal place for the first break, where you can enjoy a barbecue lunch with fresh fish from the sea or the river, if you’re lucky and in the right period, you can enjoy the eel.
Then suddenly appears the sea. Beautiful. Endless. Sazan island opposite, very special in this position where hardly anyone could have seen, because generally we see it the on other side of Vlora. Along the sea shore, the dunes of Pine-Poro. Ideal for the most exciting Safari than one might have experienced any time. A little further, Kallenga, the small and beautiful lagoon that is already crowded with birds of various kinds.
After we leave behind the dunes ridges and the vastness of the sea, we start the way back but not to the same paths. This time we will go round a track, which leads along the course of the Salt River. It is so called because during the ebb and flow, it receives water from the sea and obstruct water currents, and “prisoners” a large amount of fish, which besides the fishermen, become the prey of the abound birds. The river is also called the Dead River, because most of the time is waterless, because it isn`t feed from any source.
And once we`ve passed the Salt River and through it, the German`s Channel, we take the road to the village, this time entering from the south. On the right, before getting to the village, we see the Church of St. Harallamb, which residents say is a holy place.
If you want to extend this tour, the next day, you can try two other experiences just as exciting; to pass Vjosa, from the bridge of Mifol by boat, or through the memorable rafting experience. Upon arrival, you can get off on the opposite shore, that belongs to Fieri area, to start a new adventure in Seman; Wind Surf through the wonderful waves of the Adriatic. But this will be the subject of another trip and we will show it to you on the next issue.

Technical data for the tour:

  • The most appropriate time: Spring-Autumn
  • Number of participants: 8-10 persons
  • Its description for travel: with local guide
  • Accommodation if tour lasts 2-3 days: hotels
    or houses in the area
  • Tools for the development of the tour: the personal equipment, everything else is provided by the
  • How you want to develop this tour: Upon the participants, with walking, with horses and motorbikes 4 x 4 or higher machines.

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