Travel Magazine Balkans, a full guide for a perfect winter 2022-2023!

December 15, 2022 || views

This is one of our favorite seasons! Getting slowly from Fall to Winter, everything becomes slightly sad and mostly joyful, having in mind the dazzling Christmas atmosphere and the winter holidays.

It is always said that travelers have their ears up, to discover a new destination, a new place, a new stop, waiting around the corner, wandering around. If travelers are also publishers, “tracing the new” turns into a duty or a mission.
Therefore, every time we travel to “old” places, along with the pleasure of returning, a watchful eye is always awake to discover the new.
But in our craving for a clean slate, perhaps we overlook the pleasures of places that are already freighted with meaning, somehow familiar or faintly remembered.
Offering you in this issue an entire season full of colors in Albania and the Balkans, we have not forgotten to make a long list of what are today called “wellness destinations”, for a warm winter, wherever you choose to spend it.
For those in search of urban pursuits, we have revealed the thriving wintertime creative scene in the cities of light for Christmas atmosphere.
But above all, what we have offered you the most, and beloved for us, are the human stories, the ones that mark your journey, that make it unforgettable, unique, just like the people we meet on these journeys. Because everyone’s story bears only his name and no one else’s, therefore there is no risk of becoming monotonous.
So travel. And enjoy. With the new issue of Travel the Balkans! Editor`s letter


In this issue:

Editor`s letter:

Dazzling Christmas atmosphere and winter holidays, our favorite season!

Editorial:  Albania
Turizmi, autenticiteti dhe Ferma e Blerinës

Konkursi që na bëri me krahë. Me fituesit e konkursit të fotografisë me kostume popullore


Time to visit Kosova! – Koha t`i kthejmë vizitën Kosovës!

Great Escapes – Kosova 
The Best of Prishtina – Më të bukurat e Prishtinës

Peja & Rugova, white escapes – Arratisje të bardha në Pejë e Rugovë

Great Escapes – Kosova 
Hospitality and tradition – Hani i Vjetër, mikpritje dhe traditë në Prizren

Albanian escapes 
All in love with Korça! Të gjithë të dashuruar me Korçën! Vizitojeni me Discover Albania!

Human Stories
Tasho, Dinasty, skiers of yesterday, today and tomorrow

Albania – Wellness escpaes
The best spa & wellness centers, for a warm winter in Albania (Cover story)

Food Culture
May Hands of Albania. The journey of Albania in “Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, 2022”

Albania – Wine Trails
Max Mavrud wine, a nobel savor from Leskovik

Albania -Local Living
Gojëgaditëse, një buqetë me delikatesa nga Shkodra – a delicacy from the charming Shkodra

Albania – Local Living
A shkojmë për një drekë te Visi në Roshnik? – Shall we go for a lunch at Visi, in Roshnik?

Wine Trails – North Macedonia
Flowing Wines in Demir Kapija, an unexpected trip

Travel Stories
Greece: A coffee in Thesaloniki
Slovenia: Bled, the Fairytale lakeside town
North Macedonia: Ohrid, a travel story

Landmark – Bulgaria
Walking around in a quiet & peaceful Sofia

Greece – Local Living
Handmade treasures of Greek villages in the market of Athens