This issue of Travel dhe Balkans is a Magical Escape from Summer to Fall…!

September 8, 2023 || views

Dear readers!
T h e  s u m m e r  i s  f l y i n g … . w h a t ` s n e x t ?
We have already made it a tradition that in this long Albanian summer, we will give you two editions of Travel Magazine, filled to the brim with impressive destinations, escapes to special places or where to go to escape the so-called “hustle” and bustle” that at this point in the season is really dizzying. The big dilemmas of travel start and run from autumn, September is the first breeze of freshness that you can enjoy with weekend tours. Where can we take you in September?

What would be the best getaways in October? But more than anything else, our desire and our concern is to amaze you with beautiful stories, to inspire you, with positive examples to give you courage to continue your dreams, who dares, is always rewarded. Believe us, we have a lot of beautiful stories this time. The stories of boys and girls who follow their passions, who dare for more, who never tire of chasing their dreams, but above all, who travel. They travel endlessly.

Then, of course, we always want to spoil you, with vacations from those with five stars, which for this time come to us from Spain, full of sun and warmth.

Many of that you will fully enjoy, lying on a deck chair, or by the pool with a cocktail next to you, which, although it seems cliché, is the most desired view of summer.
Enjoy it!