Tasho Dinasty, skiers of yesterday, today & tomorrow

January 27, 2023 || views

Albania does not have many ski slopes, although there are many mountains. But if there are skiers, they are a whole family. And there is no way it could happen otherwise, when the patriarch of the family is a ski master, it is likely that the children will also become skiers.

So Thoma Tasho, or Maqua as everyone knows him, out of his love for skiing, built himself a track in Bigël, somewhere in the middle of the road from Korça to Dardhë. It is the place where today the whole of Albania goes every time it snows.


We don’t think that anyone needs to talk about the ski track, about Bigëll or about Dardha. But about Maqo, Paola, Marina and Socrat, yes. Because just as the big families inherit their wealth along with vanity to their descendants, so Maqo has inherited his inheritance to his children. In other words, the love for skiing followed. It’s not for nothing that Paola and Sokrat are good skiers with a bag of medals and cups behind them.

Even they are not satisfied only with skiing, but practice every kind of possible sport, from mountaineering, with which they conquer the peaks, to diving, through which they explore the bottom of the seas, like Paola for example.


Now Maqo “has finished work” regarding to Paola and Sokrat and the “tasks” are continuing with the inclusion in the world of skiing of the youngest descendant of the dynasty, Jerina. Grandpa Maqo guides as a “strict” instructor and the little student obeys, diligently learning to slide on the second “legs” of the family.

The resort is practically the most beloved place in Albania when winter comes and especially when it starts snowing. Year after year, the family makes small investments with as many opportunities as the income and the many difficulties allow, which have never felt the hand of the state. The atmosphere that is created in the winter, with the small hall where the fireplace and the fires are full, with skiers drying their gloves, enjoying “lakror” or a glass of beer with meatbolls while it is snowing outside, is of a special beauty.


There is no more beautiful panorama over Bigëll than this family, who built this place with their hands and turned it into a temple of sports and entertainment where championships were held and trophies were awarded to the best skiers of Albania. Because even though we don’t have many ski slopes, we have many skiers. And a good part of them are made great skiers who copmete around the world, thanks to the “Tasho” Dynasty.