Within Green Coast Resort & Residences – a style that speaks through architecture!

July 31, 2023 || views

The enchanting journey towards the Albanian Riviera begins in Vlora, where the Adriatic Sea meets the Ionian waters, offering allure and unique attractions along the entire coastline.
Everything that awaits you after Llogara is a spectacular and lovely experience. An adventure that begins on one of the most stunning beaches on the Albanian Riviera. A coastline with white sand creates all colors of blue, making this spot a highly appealing beach with a significant influx of tourists that select Green Coast Resort & Residences as the ideal summer holiday destination.

Green Coast Resort & Residences showcases a unique model of resorts in the country, bringing innovation not only in what it represents as a destination but also in its architecture. Designed in a contemporary minimalist style that embraces the Mediterranean spirit. Class, elegance, and functionality, in the name of a high-quality lifestyle in harmony with nature. A place where you can find both the mountain and the sea, greenery and ruggedness, the beauty of nature, and the delicacy of human beings in their respectful coexistence. The combination of the latest trends creates an interplay of comfort, functionality, and elegance.

Green Coast Resort & Residences represents a distinct resort concept in the country, providing innovation not only in what it represents as a destination but also in its architecture. Contemporary minimalist design that celebrates the Mediterranean essence. Class, elegance, and, above all, functionality in the name of a high-quality, environmentally friendly lifestyle. A spot where you can find both the mountain and the sea, greenery and ruggedness, natural beauty and human delicacy in their harmonious cohabitation. The interaction of current styles gives a sense of comfort, usefulness, and elegance. The resort’s extensive coastline and the crystal-clear waves of Palasa Beach are undeniably the strongest points beyond which your search would be futile.

A full program of events to complement your holiday days in the “sun” of Palasa!
Are you ready to witness the splendor of stars at one of the most stunning locations on the Albanian Riviera? The Night of Stars, a new activity this summer, will take you on a “galactic journey” on crystal-clear nights, when the stars appear to dive into the sea.Tours to the typical villages of the Mediterranean coast and hiking in the “Footsteps of Caesar” organized by Green Coast Resort & Residences, have already become a tradition that allows resort guests to explore the most famous and attractive beaches and historical sites in the area.
Starting from the village of Palasa, the trail leads to “Caesar’s Footprints,” the Delta of Palasa Bay, St. Nicholas Church, the village of Dhermi, St. Mary’s Monastery, Pirate’s Cave, “Shtegu i Mullinjve”, the village of Vuno, St. Spyridon Monastery, Grama Bay, Karaburun National Park, Porto Palermo Castle, and more. The Book Fair, an event that is already becoming a wonderful tradition, will enrich your vacations further, as will the Local Products Fair, which promotes the region in another dimension, that of taste, on the resort’s seafront. Yoga and Summer Cinema, as well as other artistic activities for both children and adults, are available throughout your stay at the resort. A special and essential space is dedicated to children with the largest playground in the area, where they can express all their energy, as well as animators who fire their imagination.

Every day of their vacation, youngsters can choose their favorite activity.What about sports? These are also plentiful in Green Coast Resort & Residences. Mini volleyball and table tennis tournaments are being planned to spice up your summer.
Furthermore, in a Buggy, you may have a totally one-of-a-kind ecological excursion throughout the resort.

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Green Coast Resort & Residences is one of those destinations that has something for everyone. Away from the hustle and bustle of cities and everyday routines, but surrounded by entertainment, enjoying the freedom that only an “adventure” with friends can provide. Everyone goes south, and everyone wants the best that it has to offer. Every summer, well-known resorts are also the meeting spots that set the trends, and Green Coast is one of them. The best singers, the most recognized DJs, clothes determined by trends, opportunities for new relationships… all in one place for young people to have fun. Weekends in the summer are all about the #greencoast. 47 thousand people have decided to share it on social media. Don’t you have your own #greencoast yet?

Green Coast receives the Blue Flag certification!
Green Coast, is the first and only resort in Albania to be certified with the Blue Flag, a symbol of the highest standard of water quality in the seas. Green Coast joins the ranks of the cleanest beaches on the global map.