The Lodge of Wine – the whole Albania in a bottle of wine!

November 10, 2019 || views

Suppose you came to Berat for the weekend and decided to stay at Berat Hotel. Or even in another hotel (we suggest traditional architecture of Berat), which will definitely be great. The next day you have a city tour to do, Mangalem, Gorica, Kala and you no longer have time to visit the numerous wineries of Berat for a Wine Tour. It is a great loss in fact because Berat wines are famous and the many wineries that are already there, offer all the wonderful wines and it is a sin to escape without tasting at least one glass of each.



But if that’s the case, then don’t worry. Next to Hotel Berat is placed the Lodge of Wine, a charming “Beratian style” shop that offers you the best wines of Berat wineries and not only Berat but from all over Albania.




The wide range of wine types, often culminating in rare products not found elsewhere, such as the Pulse of Berat (Alpeta winery) or Kashmeri (Çobo winery), is significantly enriched with valuable winery names from all parts of Albania such as “Arbëri ”of Mirdita, the “Bardha winery” of Leskovik origin, the legendary “Skanderbeg”of Durrës and many other names – impossible to count.



Unable to tour the winery, a glass of wine at the Lodge of Wine is, as the Italians say, “un tocco di classe”, a touch of aristocratic charm that only wine has the privilege of giving you in terms of food. So, a glass of wine in a real “Beratian environment”, a few bottles of wine with you and it`s done.