The Balkan is so small … if you cross it riding, with Discover Albania Club

January 12, 2020 || views
By Discover Albania Club
Are you looking for an amazing landscape?
Explore the wonderful Balkan in a Balkan Bike Tour
Tirane- Lin – Pogradec – St. Naum – Ohred Lake – Ohred – Struga – Pej – Boge – Rrozhaje – Borane – Plav – Guci – Vuthaj – Vermosh – Lepushaj – Bajze – Shkoder – Lezhe – Tirane
432.8 Km in 6 Days
Biking from 0 m till 1450 m sea level
5138 M Elevation
Do you love cycling? The most ecological means of transport in the world? Yes? Then we have a proposition for you. A proposal that at first glance may seem impossible but if we propose it to you, means that it is possible because for initially we have proven it by ourselves as new initiative and after successfully managed and proved unforgettable sensation, we decided to to propose to you. Maybe you will feel the same sensation of probably better than us.
Have you ever tried to do a bike ride around the Balkans? It’s the most exciting experiences that we’ve tried to date. 6 days of memorable journey through towns and villages, beautiful nature, not small challenges, which will give will test your skills but but to whom you will enjoy immensely. The journey begins in Tirana following a trajectory like this: Tirana – Lin – Pogradec – Sveti Naum – Lake Ohrid – Ohrid – Struga – Peja – Boga – Rrozhajë – Vorane – Plava – Guci – Vuthaj – Vermosh – Lëpusha – Bajza – Shkodra – Lezha – Tirana .
A long route that passes through four countries by providing not only for each of a different experience but one differently for each area where you will spend you time. Hospitality that spreads in every area, varied meals to show the distinguished tradition, an amazing landscape that differs from kilometer to kilometer, a relief that once up and once down, makes the trip more exalting. Alternate travel by car, choosing to cross the most beautiful bike segments. You, the bike lovers, do not miss this special tour through the most beautiful Albanian lands in the Balkans!


 Tour program:

Day 1:
We drive from Tirana to Lin (Pogradec).
Biking On the lake side from Lin to St. NaumMakedonia
Stop in St. Naum
Biking From St Naum till Ohred
Launch Time in Ohred
Biking From Ohered to Struga City (Macedonia)
Free Time in Strugar
Overnight in Struga
Day 2:
Breakfast at the Hotel
Driving From Struga to Peja,Kosovo
Biking From Peja to Boge (Village)
Launch in Boge
Biking/ Driving from Boge to Peja
Free time in Peja
Overnight in Peje
Day 3:
Breakfast at the Hotel
Biking From Peja to Rozaje (Montenegro) 47 Km
Free time in Rozaje for Launch
Biking From Rozaje to Berane
Montenegro (33 Km)
Free time in Berane
Driving From Berane to Plave
Overnight in Plav (Montenegro)
Day 4:
Breakfast at the Hotel
Biking near Plava Lake
Biking from Gucie to Vuthaj
Launch in Vuthaj
Biking from Vuthaj to Vermosh
Free time in Vermosh (Albania)
Overnight in Vermosh (Guest House)
Day 5:
Breakfast at the Guest House
Biking from Vermosh to Lepushaj
Free time in Lepushaj
Biking From Lepushaj to Leqet e Hotit
Driving/Biking From Leqet e Hotitto Bajze
Launch in Bajza
Driving From Bajza to Shkodra
Free time in Shkoder (Albania)
Overnight in Shkoder
Day 6:
Breakfast at the Hotel
Free time in Shkodra City Tour with Bike
Biking In Shiroka, Nearby Shkodra Lake
Driving to Mrizi i Zanave for Launch
Driving in Tirana.

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