Soap Arcadia: Anxhela’s miracles garden

October 31, 2019 || views

Here we have a woman that makes her own living upon her passion for self care. Anxhela Panxhi and her philosophy is #ikigai. So far that doesn’t sound so much of an albanian. We know, but she makes a very good combination in her small business of the slogan ’’think globally act locally’’. She gives to her work local and international vibes. And does handcrafted self care creations and products, which so far she makes widely available in Albania, all Balkans Belgium, Holland, Germany and around the world. While we ask her why she uses self care term and not cosmetics, she explains that self care has the personalised approach, the personal contact, the reachable. She is founder of Soap-arcadia Home-magic Crafts 8 years ago and Herb-Arcadia Superfood Tirana.

– Why did you name your business Soap Arcadia? She says that the soap is the first ever cleansing product, and arcadia means an evergreen garden where people live in harmony with each other, and in harmony with the nature. And it this the ethical component that she gives to all her work.

– I want my creations be sustainable, authentic, mindful and that involve each person int to getting more aware of what suits them, combining the inside out to their self care routine. Each person she helps with her crafts and creations goes through a first phase of consultancy in order to define what this person really needs. Gradually she introduces them into a lifestyle routine that makes people address the root cause of a skin issue. So nothing standart is applied to you when you ask her a soap or a face cream. Yes she says, everyone is different and so must be treated differently. She does that based on principles of ayurvedic science and local traditions about skin care and self care in general. That is also why she has developed her own line of superfoods. She has studied Holistic Health and beauty and is still studying about.

What does make you excited about this?

-Well you know i get best ingredients Albania can provide, and many more i get in bio organic events in countries that score high in environmental activism. I get my ingredients from locals all around the world, i want to help them and they help me by giving me elements that are grown in sustainability, and responsibly outsourced with the least environmental impact. So getting my Cidesco degree with definitely help me get the rarest ingredients and have access personally into seeing how they grow the plants, be part of the harvest and therefore offering my clients the best. So giving them real eco luxury. Waw that sound great!

-Can you talk us more about specific creations?

One of my top sold craft is the eco luxe face cream, the delicate facial cleanser and the hair elixir. I started this passion which was later made a full time profession by doing body lotions. It took me a while to finish my first soap. Ever since i can’t stop but creating new recipes, testing them with my friends and relatives and improving them all the time. So far i have come up with my own researches that apply to different individuals.

Why is the delicate facial cleanser the most asked?

-This is a kind of cleanser that cleanses and does not strip the amount of the necessary oil from the face. It removes the dirt but is not aggressive, it is delicate. What is your longer run vision? I am working now to having an ecolodge in Belgium and Albania, and through that guide many more throughout the balkans, bringing all herbs and teas of balkans to the northern countries and bringing the knowledge of the pioneers from Holland and Belgium, all over Balkans. I mean people who know and teach about nature, growing a green sustainable business, and connecting the dots of many talents. Soap-arcadia is a hallmark of a chain events.

Travel Magazine will also be part of this journey. Thank you so much!

Anxhela Panxhi

Holistic Beauty Crafter

Holistic Esthetician

Mobile: +355 69 40 29 229

LinkedIn – AnxhelaPanxhi


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