Shall we go for a lunch at Visi in Roshnik?

January 30, 2023 || views

Do you know that moment when, trying to find a place to have lunch with friends or family on a weekend, you start asking everyone: where is the best place to eat?

Today, when the whole world is seeking on susstainable, when tourism is directed towards experiences and supporting local cultures, food is one of the main aspects that is gaining special importance. Therefore, it is never superfluous to talk about the “Slow Food” philosophy and its motto “slow, clean and fair food”.

Under this motto, new ventures start where they should: in the heart of nature and in the countryside, where food is closer than anywhere else to the pure nature as nature has created it. So is Te Visi, the newest restaurant opened in Roshnik, in the already well-known village of Berat, which is carving beautiful traces in agritourism, offering the typical dishes of the area, organic products, pure village food and above all hospitality like home.
Visi awaits you before you enter Roshnik, in the Pass of Pazjan, in a structure built according to the features of the area, where stone is combined with wood and iron elements, to create warm environments and pleasant corners for friends and family.

And in fact, as soon as it opened its doors, many food lovers filled the beautiful surroundings of the restaurant enjoying the village birds, the homemade pies, the meat of the local cattle, the famous wine of Berat wineries, not letting out the pleasure of watching the housewives as they cook, roll out the noodles for pies or baklava and enjoy the wonderful aromas and flavors of “village” foods.

Soon the restaurant became the place where we gather for holidays, birthdays, beautiful family events and various celebrations of joy and love for life. With the welcoming staff and the spacious surroundings, the favorable position by the road but also the not far distance from Berat, with a prior phone call, in a very short time, you will find the table set.



Although the concept “rustic” implies the term “simple and delicious”, today the necessity of beautiful dishes, aesthetically arranged tables, colors and varied forms in cooking has become a new norm, strongly dictated by social networks which today can not be avoided or not be considered. So even at Visi, you girls who are passionate about “instagrammable” photos will have not only something to enjoy but also something to photograph. With the traditional surroundings full of decor, the elements of local cuisine, the fire, the dishes full of taste and the tables full of class, your friends will have plenty to “eat with their eyes” and encourage them to join you next time, when you are no longer asking up and down “where can we find a place to eat well” but you will propose to each other: How about we go for lunch at Visi in Roshnik?