January 30, 2023 || views

Francine Katerina Talei Wong 

Sofia was a warm surprise for me.

For those eyes who love architecture and European history, there is a lot to observe in this Balkan city of Sofia. The city centre is old and very much influenced with Russian architecture. It is a city with the highest Orthodox Christians, Jewish synagogues, mosques and the gorgeous Hotel Sofia located in the heart of the square.



Hotel Sofia is unique. I am a lover of old hotels, with traditional service. Hotel Sofia was built for the purpose of diplomacy service and accommodation, so for those wanting that experience in the heart of Sofia, you are spoilt with this long-standing hotel of elegance. I was lucky to have the hotel staff give me a brief history on why and how the Russians decided to build this stunning hotel; one of the main purposes was to protect the St George Rotundra Orthodox Church that sits in the middle of the courtyard between the Presidency residence and the Hotel Softa itself.



An iconic gem both for tourists and believers, and is open everyday for daily visits. The tracian mineral water springs, located next to the central bath and the Banya Bashi Mosque was a rare experience. The boiling hot mineral water is accessible to the public and free of charge for all. A rare sight to see on the way to the TZUM shopping mall.



Bulgaria has a mystical feel to it, old trams, and beautiful long walkways and beautiful buildings past Hotel Sofia. A day or two is enough to explore Sofia, enjoy cuisine and feel the aura of the strong Russian influenced city of Sofia. Most locals speak Bulgarian having that strong cultured feel to it. A calm and peaceful space for a 2 – days trip!