Queen Teuta, the unique luxury temple of wellness in Durres

July 7, 2020 || views

Queen Teuta Thalasso Wellness & SPA, the unique luxury temple of wellness in Durres inside a luxury beachfront resort, as Adriatik Hotel!

The trend of tourism developments in Albania has brought many kinds of services that have not been previously part of this sector. Such as the “wellness” service, consisting of a wide selection of relaxing and well-being services ranging from aesthetics to physical facial and body treatments. Nowadays, hotels or tourist resorts have included this service as one of the main facilities which would bring the service to another level by making it even more competitive in the tourism market. Most of them have set the SPA sign along with the Hotel name, to let tourists know that they will find a relax oasis, which is often included in the price of the room.


If you plan to visit Albania and especially Adriatik Hotel you can use the highest quality of the wellness services, including fitness center, indoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath and Hamam, face and body aesthetic services , lifting, anti-aging, acne treatments, body massages, hairdressing services, etc.

Quality, uniqueness, originality.
Adriatik Hotel, the 62 years old historic hotel, one of the most prominent names in the hotel industry has the right answers to your questions. It’s not just a simple a SPA , but it’s a distinguished , tourism landmark who delivers the best experience and SPA specialists.
This is how the successful concept of “Queen Teuta Spa” is born.
In the 3.000 years old city of Durrës, we do not have to look for Cleopatra. We have our own Queen Teuta , who deserves to have her temple.
And indeed, when you enter the “Queen Teuta Spa”, you feel like being inside a temple.
While getting down the stairs you will be impressed by the antique harness hanging on the wall, the classical nuances of an ancient temple with golden shades and marble , the original Amphora from thousands of years ago displayed at the Reception area, the unique interiors decorated totally different from anything else you might have experienced, dominated by mosaics and mystique signs on the walls and ceilings…



The various massage rooms, Forest Fairy Room, Royalties Room, for couples and individuals .
You will find the exclusive Japanese luxury skin product , Forlled only at Adriatik Hotel in Albania (check on forlled.com)
But let’s go a little further and enter the Hamam, even why the name comes from the Ottoman Middle Ages, has deep roots from antiquity, Roman baths.
The magic and spacious relax area is what you need after a long day of travel, excursion, beach, or hiking on your vacation day.
And the most important the one that has made more special the temple of wellness, also attached to the name, is the indoors pool, quite unique, not only in the decor with magical nuances, the iconic symbolism, from the golden dressing walls to the ceiling, the lamp of which has the oval shape of the Illyrian ring, but especially its composition with filtered seawater saturated with nutrient salts that have given it the name “thalasso” which in Greek means “seawater treatments”. Thalassotherapy is an innovation that is being applied everywhere in the world of aesthetics, as one of the most effective skin health treatments.


Don’t miss the 5 star experience at Queen Teuta Thalasso & Wellness Spa . This is a true temple not only for the well-being but also for our ancient culture that speaks with the language of symbolism and which is a crown on the head of a tourist brand 62 years old like Adriatik Hotel. Therefore a visit here is also a return to the former times of our Illyrian glory.

The indoor pool at Queen Teuta SPA , inside Adriatik Hotel is the only one & unique in Albania! Thalassotherapy: marine and seawater treatments. Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word for “sea”, and refers to a variety of treatments that use seawater and seaweed, each designed to cleanse, soothe and revitalize the skin and body, and, in some cases, to improve circulation and muscle tone. The pool is filled with filtered Sea water and enriched with mineral salts, which are healthier for your skin, mind and body. The relaxation & floating sensation is totally different from the normal pools. That’s the latest trend of deep relaxation and it’s worth every single minute of your stay.