Peja and Rugova, white escapes

January 25, 2023 || views

Far from Tirana almost as far as Korça. You can go on your own but you can also buy a package from a travel agency. You can choose to ski but combine the trip with exploration as well, hiking, city tours or adventure sports, there is plenty to do. We kindly suggest one thing; for those who travel a little, it is an undiscovered treasure.


The winter season is already on and the snow has started to cover our country. Winter holidays and the end of the year holidays will soon begin, and of course this year it is preferable to spend them in nature. Then we present to you the destination of Peja and the mountains of Rugova as one of the most unique places in terms of Albanian lands to experience the white paradise and the adventures of nature during the winter.

Peja is a small tourist town with a population of 100,000 and is located in the west of Kosovo. This city stands out as it is the gateway to Accursed Mountains. The distance from Prishtina is 84 km, while from Tirana 270 km and from Skopje 160 km. The winter season makes this city visited by many tourists as it offers various attractive opportunities for all ages. The most beautiful part during the winter season is Rugova. The suitable terrains in this mountainous region offer opportunities to have beautiful experiences while the activities you can carry out are different such as walking with snowshoes, conquering peaks over 2000 m in the alpine way, skiing, free skiing in different terrains, snowboard etc.

For all these experiences, now some villages in the mountainous region of Rugova, such as Boge, Shkrel, Shtupeq, Reka Allages, Kuqishte, etc., have prepared their offer with enough finesse for you visitors to experience pleasure, experiences and the warmth of winter, while the tourist companies of specialized for you offer combined activities starting from young ages to the most aged ones, to spend a day walking on bad terrains and experiencing adventures.
Some of the experiences you can have are visiting the frozen lake in Liqenat, at an altitude of 1860 m, the conquest of alpine peaks above 2000 m, terrains suitable for walking with snowshoes and educational programs for families with children learning survival and winter challenges, skiing and ski training for all ages, free skiing for professionals, which can be done in the field, launching from mountain tops and snowboarding.

Also for lovers of night life, the village of Bogë, which is also the ski center, offers a livelier life full of youth, bars and restaurants where the nights are filled with the sounds of music and social and dancing experiences will make you to spend your holidays in the most beautiful way you have thought of, while the city of Peja is only 28 km from this village and you can also spend the nights and return to your destination.