Holiday Village Montenegro, Ulcinj – the perfect holiday you and your family is looking for

November 15, 2019 || views

Flora Xhemani Baba

The invitation that our close friend and collaborator, Besnik Vathi`s from ATHS, extended to us, for a Famtour in Montenegro, was received with great pleasure because, it came at exactly that time that we start our autumn travels, which we tend to mix between Albania and the Balkans, as we try to disclose plenty of information on destinations of the region, and also personal experiences, which we attach to the travels of our collaborators. Famtour was based on getting to know a new resort in the coast of Ulcinj, Holiday Village Montenegro, the latest acquisition of Karisma Hotels Adriatic, which starting from summer 2018 offers a feature which was missing up until now in Ulcinj and Southern Adriatic, that of “all inclusive” holidays.

Staying at the resort for two days and receiving their services, from an impressive welcoming to an exquisite cuisine tasting with various Balkan dishes and the numerous spaces it offered, we had just a little drawback, to enjoy it as a perfect professional and human experience as well, to be like tourists. We have been a travelling family for many years and our sons have not come along in very few of our travels.


Alexandra, the sales manager of the resort acted also as our guide for this resort, which takes up several hectares and has its own map, which is handed to all visitors upon their welcoming accommodation and the room cards. I was thinking about the large number of Albanian families buying tourist packages in Turkey to get accommodated in resorts exactly like this, now located just a few kilometers away from Shkodra, this resort could save them the cost of the flight included in the package and leaves extra money for excursions.


It was fated that the desired journey together with our sons would not happen during the coming summer like I thought during the induction tour, but it happened two weeks later, for two main reasons: firstly, the weather was wonderful and it would be a pity to waste although the resort will be open during the winter, with a lot of great facilities such as indoor pool.  The second reason: Children are the best of judges of a tourist destination and they say the truth about what their experience like no one else. And this came to be the case.

Children could not find a more perfect place than the unlimited spaces offered by Holiday Village Montenegro, surrounded by nature, touched by the coast, leaning over the bay area of a Mediterranean pine forest and hugged by the ecosystem of the Long beach of Ulcinj. There were streets and numerous paths, six swimming pools spread everywhere, an Adventure Park, play parks, fitness gears found within the forest during early mornings with fresh air, water games, and endless sand beaches, all these make for children’s favorite “toys” which any kid would desire.

How can I deny it? We were spoiled from this flawless accommodation in the deluxe family bedroom with champagne and fruits, which we enjoyed in our swimming pool attached right at the foot of our balcony and which may be used as a relaxing area during afternoons, after a long day at the beach, which is 12 km long or a day filled with activities.  I cannot find the words to describe the kids’ happiness as they felt like splashing fishes having fun in the pools, play parks, walks in the forest, playing chess and beach games and stopping just for meals.

And since I mentioned food, I want to say something: the philosophy of food has changed immensely in the “all inclusive” tourist package not just in diversity but also in quality. During a one-week or ten-day vacation, “food therapy” for many busy people, who do not have time to eat healthy, is a habit that they may start to develop in a touristic resort, when presented with many choices for all three meals, which could be carried on with the same rhythm when returning back home.

When we asked our boys whether they enjoyed this weekend they answered with a “No.”

No? Why? What’s the problem? Cause the time was too short, they wanted to stay longer to have more fun.

This could be solved. We just have to wait next summer to repeat by manifold the undisputable pleasure of our stay at the Holiday Village Montenegro for a full package of summer holidays. Or we can come back during the winter, to have the pleasure of the warmness and the indoor pool. We can come any time we want.

What else could you do if you chose to take your vacation in this location?

During these two weeks we visited Budva, Kotorr, Ulcinj and Bar. Four remarkable touristic cities with a historical center in each of them complete your mosaic, where beach vacations in a closed resort are beautified by a cultural crown, a gifted experience that surely would become part of your memories collection and among the most precious ones.

Farewell Ulcinj, and see you next time Holiday Village Montenegro!