Have you ever been to Bled Lake? We suggest you the Autumn; it`s the most beautiful one!

November 2, 2019 || views

Slovenia, this (not so small) country in the northwestern Balkans, is already a European Union state, which has known how to develop its tourism offerings very well. Although there is no sea to offer as a tourist asset, many of its natural spots generate enough money to include tourism in key areas of the economy. Only in the natural area of ​​Lake Bled, the influx of visitors is so high that the term “low season” is not known.

Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most beautiful natural spots, decorated with many cultural monuments such as churches and castles, that make it a rare jewel, which has often become part of the global media list.


If you would like to visit this area, we would highly recommend this fall. It’s the most beautiful! Look at the pictures and you will be convinced yourself.

But what can you do for a weekend in Bled?




Visit the Island of the Lake or Blajski Otok. An eco-friendly boating is a “Must-do”. At the center of the small island was once the Temple of Ziva, the Slavic goddess of love, and today there is a Gothic-style church. The nature of the island in the fall? Oh, what a love, as if Zhiva had poured her graces on the island.

Visit Tito’s Castle, located on top of a rock on the lake. It gave the former Communist leader the magnificent view of the entire lake with the island in the middle of it, as in the palm of his hand when he came to visit it during his days off. From there you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the entire Bled panorama.

Take a hiking tour around the lake, along the forest-lined trails, on a 6-7-kilometer itinerary that takes about an hour and a half.

If you go in the summer season, a stand up paddle tour would be ideal for enjoying the lake ecologically.

They say you haven’t been to Bled at all unless you’ve tried the characteristic vanilla cake that is internationally called “Cream Cake of Bled”. Residents claim that its recipe and taste is unique and secrete. It actually had a wonderful taste to melt in your mouth!

Definitely try the area’s cuisine, which means you have to dine or dine in one of the smaller, older restaurants. Gostilna Union was one of them.

Try the hotel’s SPA services of many hotels, to enjoy the unique experience of hot water in the pools while the outside atmosphere is zero degrees, during the winter the landscape is decorated with snow-white.