Dr. Fatjon Manjani: dental tourism, a sector I would love to explore just as much as my profession

July 15, 2022 || views

Dental tourism is a completely new field of the tourism sector, which arose neither from the ideas of tour operators to open new paths, nor from the strategic plans of interest groups, nor as a tourism package itself. The main reason why it was born and today is called tourism was very simple; At first smaller and then larger groups of foreigners, mainly Italians, came to Albania to perform dental services because they were much cheaper than the same services in the countries where they lived.


The rapid development of dental medicine in Albania in recent years, high technology, materials as high quality as abroad but at very competitive prices, made the word of Albanian emigrants who come to Albania on vacation “to do their teeth”, spread soon also to their Italian friends, who were also using their vacations to come with Albanian friends to Albania for various dental services.
Gradually the need arose for these days “patients” to go somewhere to spend their free time and today this “somewhere” is what we in the field of travel call dental tourism. And from a small or large dental clinic that asks friends where it can take its clients to walk on days when they do not have services, we have moved on to clinics whose specificity is almost entirely oriented towards the organization of combined tourism-dental services packages, entering into cooperation with agencies and hotels and turning the dental service into part of this package.


This is already simpler than adapting existing clinics, so even young people like Fatjon Manjani, who have joined the field of medicine in recent years, have oriented their activity towards this combined field.

Fatjoni, a talented young man, who has chosen dentistry as a profession of life, sees with great interest this combination with tourist packages. He also claims that his foreign clients, mainly Italians, often ask him for help not only to find a hotel but also ask him where they can go during the time they will be in Albania to receive his services. Therefore, his desire to offer them tailor-made packages that include accommodation, itinerary and services is already the goal of the future.

Of course, his clinic Manjani Dental, located in the most frequented and promising area of the New Ring, where the rapid urban development has completely reversed the flow of movement of the capital, is equipped with the latest dental technology and services are absolutely up to standard, with raw materials certified by international institutions. The desire and need to be at the height of the market has made Fatjon constantly connected with field researches, various trainings and qualifying courses after university.


The young age and the future that it seems that dental tourism will have, within the rapid development of tourism in Albania, makes him see this initiative not only as a need and professional growth but also as a beautiful challenge to` combined both services and why not, to get the pleasure of the impressions of tourists, who will leave Albania not only with more beautiful teeth but also with very beautiful memories from their travels organized by Manjani Dental


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