Bayronic hospitality in Tepelena of Ali Vizier

November 6, 2019 || views

Një mikpritje Bajroneze në Tepelenën e Vezirit Ali

By: Aleksandër Toti

There are some stereotypes associated to the city of Tepelena. History recognizes it as the place of legends, wars, fustanella-s, labçe dialect, and men with a heavy tread and grave countenances. Tepelena is a must see place to explore and adventure and this isn’t just a provincial show off. It is subtle and inspiring just like 200 years ago, when Lord Byron would boast to the whole world about the hospitality of Ali Pashë Tepelena. Who would have thought! Now, Ali is buried together with his legends in an island in Ioannina and we don’t have a vizier to welcome lords, consuls,and ambassadors but nonetheless we have a new Lord that offers hospitality akin to the one Aliu practiced in his court. They are a couple who have migrated back from the capital city. It seems that their minds are set, Tepelana is their last residence.

They have decided to contribute in Tepelena and when asked about the reason they reply: “We are aware that alone you can’t change the world, but change starts from your own home.” This spirit has taken them away from the noise, pollution, chaotic traffic and spiritual numbness. Lord Byron was the brand inspiration that would make this city a landmark. The first touristic dwelling in Tepelena would be erected right where Lord Byron did horse riding and spent leisure time during his stay with Ali Pasha. His vacations were depicted also in Eduart Lir’s famous paintings, another English poet who visited Tepelena and Albania in 1848. and Anila have offered for nearly two years for the visitors of Tepelena a rare service with scrumptious foods, professional cuisine, and cozy surroundings that warm the heart. The couple have built not just an ordinary restaurant but a natural monastery surrounded by crystal clear waters of Vjosa and Bënça and the gentle everlasting rustling sound of the trees. You can find everything here, a large land rich and lush one can imagine the Garden of Eden. Morning light showers over Golik Mountain, the 1800 m massive that sleeps over Vjosa and is woken up by chirping birds. Here the cuisine is a fine bond between the traditional Tepelena food and Italian gastronomy from Tuscany region brought by Gambero Rosso. The master chef moved from the Great Park of Tirana to Byron Park in Tepelena. A simple click in at Lord Bajron Stek & Stefood House and there is an overwhelming amount of good reviews that has given the place an excellent rating of 9.4, almost perfect. The adventure continues; you can touch the peak and hug the clouds of Këndrevica or some other type of intense activity such as going to Kurvelesh, over the canyons, the insane God-created gorges until descending to Borshi coast; this is a weekend to remember. What other place could be more enticing then Tepelena, where you get what you don’t expect!

Don’t hesitate; Dukagjini and Anila are waiting for you. You just need to book, alone or in a group, and your adventure is ready to start. Write to us about your experience after visiting this place. We are sure that our words cannot be enough to describe what you must see for yourselves.

Welcome, Lord Byron is waiting for your visit!


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