Adriatik Hotel in Durrës, a small five stars luxury Albania

August 6, 2019 || views
Imagine for a moment that you’ve just come to Albania for a while and you are not able to visit it, even for a short tour, somewhere in the city, near the hotel you’re staying. Let’s assume that your work is the reason that brought you to stay at the Adriatik Hotel, in the coastline of Durres. Your short time does not promise you a touristic visit and tours of different sites and cities in Albania.
A cultural tour inside the hotel
Do you know that such a tour can also be done in the Adriatik hotel? Being a tourist attraction as one of the oldest hotels in Albania, 60 years old , thanks to the management and the professional staff, makes this hotel unique in its kind, and you can consider this hotel as a little Albania. If you can’t visit the tourist spots of Albania ,you can visit them in every hotel room at Adriatik Hotel, as they are decorated with the most beautiful tourist sites in Albania. You can be sleeping at the edge of the Rozafa Fortress, beneath the beautiful and white windows of Berat, under the columns of Apollonia, between the magic of Butrint or near the Durrës Beauty Collection, images that have worn the walls of the rooms, instead of ordinary wall paper. Even a guide can accompany you to each room and convey the Albanian beauties with the right information. Here’s where you can make a virtual cultural tour.
Albanian national identity
If we tell you that the halls of the hotel have the features of a museum, we would not exaggerate at all. Dozens of objects of various jewels of art and handicrafts have decorated the walls and windows of the hotel, conveying an overview of the Albanian national identity, through which many aspects of Albania’s culture can be recognized. Handmade handicrafts, original paintings, old photographs from Albanian history, artwork scattered around the corner, national costumes from various parts of Albania give you enough time to get a little of our tradition and cultural identity , as if you were really in a museum, even with a guide.
Albanian Culinary
At this point, Adriatik Hotel is unique. In a five star standard hotel but that reaches the best of the traditional cuisine, the culinary staff carefully prepares each recipe for it to have the most distinctive features and come from a certain province of Albania, conveying through the recipe the culinary culture of the country. Modernity is not necessarily expressed through modern cuisine, it can be beautifully passed through elegant decoration but preserving the tradition and especially the taste of the served food. Thus, since the bread made of grain grown naturally in Albanian lands, up to the dairy and other organic food , comes to the restaurant through farmers and small growers from all parts of Albania, giving you the opportunity that through a menu with some lanes, enjoy a culinary tour through the provinces of Albania.
Yoga and Wellness at Adriatik Hotel
Albania is developing these services during the recent years, and are linked to health and aesthetics. Thermal waters, offer soothing cure and would have been a great way to fill a day of your journey. But even at this point, the whole wellness treatments and yoga packages, offered by the Adriatik hotel with personalized SPA services, ranging from massages, to various salt and mineral treatments, can come to your aid. Not bad, right?
Magical Sea View
Where else can you enjoy the most stunning scenery than at the verandas and balconies of Adriatik Hotel? Its seafront location gives you the opportunity to enjoy it at any moment of the day and with all the spectacular views of the sunset. Seaside walks along the shore, especially off-season, the fresh air, are a wonderful cure for your mind and body that will add value to your enjoyment.
If you love to take pictures, you can be sure to experience the most beautiful and different sunsets everyday.
Did you enjoy exploring a little Albania inside Adriatik Hotel?
See you soon in Durres at Adriatik Hotel :
Rr. Pavaresia, Lagja 13, Plazh
Durres, Albania