Discover the breathtaking nature of Boka Bay with unforgettable Montenegro Water Tours

November 19, 2023 || views

Nestled within the stunning Boka Bay, a UNESCO-protected site, lies a haven of natural wonders waiting to be explored. You can enjoy looking at sceneries while drinking coffee by the sea, you can cycle down the coast, soaking in the sun and the views of medieval Roman-inspired villages and small towns, you can even hike up hills and let your eyes rest on the horizon. Yet, one of the most popular options, and for a reason, is enjoying this unique European’s southernmost fjord straight from the boat.

If you are a licensed skipper, you can book a boat yourself and simply explore little hidden coves and beaches or restaurant hop from Perast to Kotor and Tivat, for example. If you are keen to relax fully, you can simply book a tour and let an experienced guide take you around.
Montenegro Water Tours is created for that reason – to show Montenegrin newcomers the best of the coast and allow them time to truly immerse themselves in its cultural and historical heritage. Montenegro Water Tours is dedicated to showcasing the best of Montenegro’s coastline, providing families, friends, and adventure enthusiasts with an array of customizable tour options. You can also opt to include some sports activities into your trip, such as swimming, snorkeling, waterskiing, and kayaking, getting the most of your time onboard.

And what is the best part – depending on your personal preferences, you can fully customize the entire experience, tailoring it to your own needs, without a single worry, thanks to the professional and experienced skippers.

Tailor Your Journey

Embrace the spirit of adventure with activities such as snorkeling, cave exploration, and even the opportunity to learn from local dolphin scientists who bring sonar equipment on board to listen to the captivating sounds of the sea.
Immerse Yourself in Culture

Explore the historic towns that dot the shores of Boka Bay and delve into the rich architectural heritage, waterfront restaurants, and picturesque beaches. Avoid the hassle of traffic and enjoy a quick and refreshing journey by water, allowing the wind to play with your hair as you soak in the cultural marvels of Montenegro.

The Culture Tour takes you on a captivating journey throughout Boka Bay, visiting ancient towns such as Kotor and Perast. Marvel at the renowned Our Lady of the Rocks island and savor a luxurious picnic basket or indulge in fresh seafood or meat at exquisite restaurants such as Stari Mlini, Catovica Mlini, or Verige.

Unwind and Relax

If you yearn for a peaceful escape, Montenegro offers the perfect retreat. Take a private boat charter with Montenegro Water Tours to discover picturesque beaches, pamper yourself at soothing spas, and indulge in the breathtaking resorts that dot the landscape. Leave your worries behind and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this magical destination. The Relax Tour allows you to bask in the beauty of Montenegro’s pristine beaches while visiting ancient towns in Boka Bay. Explore the luxurious resort of Portonovi, indulge in shopping, relish delectable treats at Godo, and unwind at remarkable waterfront restaurants. Dive into crystal-clear waters near the Island of Flowers and complete your journey with a luxurious picnic basket. Montenegro Water Tours fleet includes Jeanneau’s finest – a Cap Camarat 6.5 and a brand-new Merry Fisher 795 Sports Series 2, which has an inside cabin, 2 berths, and a toilet for additional comfort.