All in love with Korça!

January 27, 2023 || views

Why do we love Korça so much? We have talked and written so many times about it and still, despite its beauties, it is not understood why people always go there summer-winter, fall-spring.

Other Albanian cities are also very beautiful, but as it seems, Korça has an inner magic that is not fully understood, but that attracts you by itself.


Although, if you look at it deeply, you can somehow explain why people are in love with Korça. And not only for her serenades. Neither for the Pazar, the beers, nor for the inseparable tourist binomial Dardhë-Voskopojë. I mean, for these too, obviously. But also for something else that we think is exactly the magic of Korca.
She is very civil bro! There is a citizen behavior which makes you cry! In terms of people and in terms of city!

In addition, there are so many places where you can go in Korça and outside Korça, that even if you visit it not every season but every weekend, you have the opportunity to see a new place, a different village, a museum that you have never seen before. visited last time a secret place that not everyone knows.

Therefore, an invitation to visit Korça is never superfluous!



It is enough to mention only the expression “City of Serenades”, and each of us understands which country it is about.
In our thoughts comes the image of the snow that has whitened the country, the warm fireplace and a festive atmosphere full of laughter. Laughter from children playing in the snow, joyful eyes of parents and grandparents, and a festive atmosphere during Korça dinners accompanied by serenades and traditional food.
What could be better than spending a weekend in Korça!

This city, which has known how to preserve its authenticity and traditions, welcomes tourists in every season. There are many tourist assets in the southeastern city, especially its architectural and spiritual heritage.



The first stop of every visitor is to enjoy a coffee at the Korça Bazaar. The typical buildings of a medieval city, which have become the main attraction for visitors, already distinguish Korça.
Korça and the bazaar with their architecture clearly express the craft-commercial nature developed for the time of this city. The shops have been grouped according to trades, forming special markets such as the grain, fish, dairy, sadlers, tinsmiths, blacksmith market, etc. Shops are generally two-story, almost always with a basement.

A large number of inns were built in the past in the bazaar area, some of which have now been turned into hotels. Their large number sheds light on the extensive economic activity of the city. Characteristic flats turned into bars and hotels have given Korça a liveliness throughout the year.
In addition to the Bazaar and the architecture of this city, what brings us back in retrospect are the various museums open to visitors. The Museum of Education, the Museum of Medieval Art, the Museum of Oriental Art, the “Gjon Mili” Museum are some of the museums that show significant historical periods.



But it doesn’t end here. We leave the city behind and continue our journey towards the tourist villages of Korça. The next stop is in the land of centuries-old berries, in Boboshtice. The village is known for the production of mulberry brandy with its characteristic green color, which is never missing in the many houses and taverns of the village. With a hilly-mountainous position, Boboshtica stands out for its stone-built houses and cobbled streets.

We believe that you all know that, as soon as we leave Boboshtica behind, another tourist attraction that awaits us, with an unparalleled beauty and ideal climate, is Dardha. In the season when the snow has whitened the country, Dardha gives you the opportunity to develop winter sports, especially skiing. Like other villages in the Korça area, you can visit Dardha in any season of the year, for the fresh air, natural paths, stone lodges and, of course, traditional food. But we think that the ideal time is winter, therefore Dardha was one of the first destinations that became part of the Discover Albania packages.

Next destination, Voskopoja. And who hasn’t heard of Voskopoja. Once one of the most important centers of Albania with an economic, cultural and artistic development, it is now one of the most visited destinations by tourists. Exploring the natural paths, tasting the traditional foods of the area, visiting churches and basilicas, makes tourists always choose to visit Voskopoja.

Drilon, Tushemisht, Pogradeci and Linii are other destinations that complete the tourist package of Korça even more, as pleasant stops on the way back, making that often a weekend is not enough to visit all these places.
We welcome you every day to visit this destination where nature, fresh air, tradition and history meet together in one place, in the magical city of Korça.