Meet the Queen of the Lake!

November 10, 2019 || views

By Soraldo Nebo 

The colours`s Place!
The locals say, like colors and the nature it is full of life here in our land.
Starting with islands, beaches and the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea, history of ancient city of Butrint, fields of tangerines and olive plantations which give us the nectar of life, Butrint lake give us the mussel, which all you have opportunity to taste and see all the cultivating process in a tour organized by NEBO info & tours.
Every year in the summer, The Turkish Napoleon,visited Lake Butrint to meet the Queen of the lake and enjoy the beauties that this area offers.
The mussle is the “queen” for us. It gave health and welfare to Ali Pasha.These are some short stories to show how important the mussle was and is still today, even more important due to changing times and the arrival of massive foreign tourists, whose favourite destination is Saranda. It is a very special tour in this beautiful area of Albania, which in fact can not be experienced anywhere else. Because you will not find anywhere else in Albania, the one which is the essence of this tour; The Mussle of Lake Butrint.


Usually we begin our tour with a traditional boat trip by farmers and with a native guidance , who will lead across the lake, and enrich our travel stories and the numerous legends of the area.
During the trip we will see how the mussles are cultivated , we will learn more about the details of their growth, and after that we will get some fresh mussels, navigate to an area in a quiet beach and a lot of fantastic views of the whole area.
The crude mussle cooked with olive oil, lemon and parsley in the accompany of a glass of house white wine would be the perfect combination!
After standing for about an hour in this place to enjoy the comfort and the calm of centuries old that now reigns in this city, which once was so beautiful and noisy,and turn back to follow the sunset.

Technical information about our tour
Appropriate time: in afternoon
Number of participants: group and private tour
What to have with you: hats, sunglasses and photo camera

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