Hani i Vjetër Prizren, hospitality and tradition in the historic capital

January 25, 2023 || views

The Food culture, experiential tourism, meeting locals and face-to-face personal experiences are the latest tourism trends that are not only gaining ground but also being strongly recommended by tourism organizations and media giants all over the world.


Therefore, every effort and venture of this kind takes value, turning the city or the place where it is located, into a real tourist attraction.
Without a doubt, “Hani i Vjetër Prizren” (The Old Inn), is one of these tourist realities, even though Prizren itself is a prominent tourist town.


Only 50 meters from the Old Stone Bridge in the direction of the House of Culture, in the center of the historic capital, a boutique-style guesthouse, elegant and traditional at the same time, with a fantastic view of the Prizren castle and the Beautiful Fountain, the “Old Inn”, is one of the places you should definitely visit when you are in Kosovo, if you want to know the country’s culture and local cuisine.

With orientation in the traditional Prizren cuisine in a wood-fired oven, with BIO products from the region and home cultivation, “Hani“, a historic building, full of artefacts and artistic crafts, is a real museum, but unlike museums where the objects belong to the past, here the parade of folk costumes and traditional elements unfolds in front of your eyes from beautiful boys and girls and by members of a family that will show you what a treasure hospitality is in Kosovo and Prizren, as they serve you the many dishes of the area, such as Prizren’s casserole, Peppers with cream, Sharr’s cheese, the natural juices etc.,


Staying at the “Old Inn” is one of those experiences that will undoubtedly mark your trip to Prizren, so put it on your list of future trips as a visit not to be missed. It doesn’t matter when you plan to go there. In every season and at any time, the Old Inn has its doors and heart open to all its guests from wherever they come.